Safety & maintenance tips for your car

Do not engage the handbrake when you leave

Engaging the handbrake over an extended period can result in the brake pads getting stuck to the discs or drums.

Park indoors or use a car cover

If possible, park your car indoors. It’ll be safer and cleaner. If you don’t have this option, invest in a quality cover.

Clean the interiors before parking the car

chocolate or biscuit wrappers all could rot or, worse, attract rodents that can damage floor mats, seat covers and even wiring. So, clean the interior thoroughly and spray a little freshener.

Fill up the fuel tank

One of the major problems of leaving a car unused is rusting on the inside of the fuel tank. The best way to avoid this is to fill the car to the brim with quality petrol, and even add some fuel additives petrol.

Battery maintenance

It is better to remove the battery if you’re going away for a long time. Also, smear petroleum jelly or grease on the terminals and the wire ends to prevent rusting.

Paint job protection

due to the dust, grime and moisture. To prevent damage, clean the exterior thoroughly. Make sure to remove any dirt, dust or grime stuck to the vehicle before applying a coat of polish and wax. This will help in keeping moisture away.

Change oil and filters

It’ll help to change engine oil and air filters. Used oil contains moisture, metal filings, sludge and other corrosive elements. It’s best to put in fresh engine oil and new filters before leaving.

Keep the tyres properly inflated

Check the tyre pressure and make sure the tyres are at the correct pressure. Proper inflation help prevent of the sidewalls and flat spots. Check the valves and valve caps fit properly.

Have your Air conditioning checked at the beginning of summer. You don’t want to end up without any AC during the hottest time of the year.

Check all of the belts and hoses to make certain there aren’t any leaks in them and that they’re all solidly attached.

Check the air filter since it may be clogged. A clogged filter will lower your fuel efficiency

Replace your windshield wipers if they look worn out. The snow can cause wipers to wear down more quickly, so be sure to examine them for damage once winter is over.

Check your oil, especially before you go on a long trip. Many people drive more during the summer, so their oil needs to be changed more regularly. Also check your oil filter.

Check the battery regularly. heat can make your battery run down more quickly because it makes the chemicals inside the battery react differently.Also make certain the connections are clean and that the cables are firmly attached.

Make sure you have plenty of antifreeze. It’s very easy for your engine to overheat in the summer. You should replace all of your coolant at least once every one years.

Remember when you winterized your vehicle in the late fall? Now you need to undo all of that. check all of the fluid levels especially if you didn’t do much driving), and give your car a good cleaning.

Check the brakes.Your brakes are perhaps the most important part of your car, and you don’t want them to fail. This is one of the most important summer car care tips to follow.

Check your tyre pressure regularly. Tyre pressure changes as the temperature increases, so be sure to monitor it regularly if the temperature is fluctuating. Under inflated tyres can easily blow out, while over inflated tyres don’t grip as well and can be dangerous on wet roads.


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